5 tips om klanten te werven met strijklogo’s!

5 tips to attract customers with iron-on logos!

There are many ways to acquire new customers. For example, you can look for new customers yourself through cold calling, where you approach potential customers. Or you can advertise via Google or social media. The disadvantage of this is that you often spend a lot of money and it does not always give you the desired result. A quick and effective way to reach many people is by showing your logo in as many places as possible. This can be done by placing an iron-on logo with your company name on clothing, or by sticking a sticker logo on a company car . But how do you best approach this? I'll tell you in 5 tips!

1. Turn your ironing logo into a call to action

A call to action, also called a CTA, literally means a call to action. With a few words you call on your potential customer to do something. Consider calling a telephone number or letting the customer surf to your website. But you can also ask to like your Facebook page or post a review. You can order this call to action custom-made from us as an iron-on application and then iron it on textiles yourself with an iron. Whether this is a t-shirt, cotton bag or denim jacket, you can place the text on all kinds of textiles.

2. Ask people to take a photo of your logo if they see it somewhere

Once you have placed your ironing logo with call to action or company logo in the desired places, it is time to show it off! Make sure that the item with your logo can be seen in as many places as possible. Are you at a fair or a fair? Put on that shirt with your logo on it! In addition, give your friends, acquaintances and neighbors a hoodie or cardigan as a gift on their birthday. At Ironing Logos Enzo you will find different types of ironing applications that you can attach to all kinds of textiles. We are also happy to think along with you if you have a great idea of ​​your own. In most cases we can develop your ideas for you.

3. Come up with a catchy slogan

Make an impression with a funny or catchy slogan! Because who doesn't like humor? When people see a nice slogan, they will think about it and it will stick in their heads. And of course you want that as an entrepreneur. Make sure your slogan can be seen in as many places as possible. Stick this as a sticker on your cargo bike , or as an iron-on application on a jacket . Or hand out nice goodies to your customers with your slogan on them. There are plenty of ways to market your brand.

4. Make potential customers curious

People are naturally curious. The opportunity for you as an entrepreneur to take advantage of this. Phrases such as ''want to know more?'' or ''find the answer online'' work very well. You give away part of the story and they can find the rest on your website, for example. You can easily place these teasers on something as a sticker or iron-on logo. Bet they can't contain their curiosity?

5. Be visible in as many places as possible

And last but not least. It may sound obvious, but make sure you are visible in as many places as possible. As mentioned earlier, you can easily give away items with your logo or slogan in your personal circle or among your clientele. You then leave your brand name in many places and it is also relatively cheap. At Stickerlogos Enzo we are happy to make a suitable quotation and we are open to developing your ideas. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Written by Lana Gerritsen | Lane Writes

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