5 tips om strijklogo’s zakelijk in te zetten!

5 tips for using iron-on logos for business!

In the past, one of the only ways to advertise your company was through a logo on your company bus or by using your logo on company clothing. Over the years, many types of advertising methods have been added. Advertising via the Internet in particular has gained ground in recent years. Within a few seconds you can place an advertisement online on Google or on social media. Because so many advertising options have been added, company logos on tangible items have become somewhat of a neglected item. Most people think it doesn't work anymore because we only search for companies on Google, right? But they forget that when someone has already been in contact with a company name - for example because they saw someone wearing a shirt with a logo on it - they still unconsciously remember the name. In addition, purchasing iron-on applications is a lot cheaper than advertising via the internet. As an entrepreneur, you can quickly gain an advantage over your competitors. But how can you best use iron-on logos for your company? We'll tell you in 5 tips!

1. Design a sticker logo for your car

With your (company) car you probably drive past a large number of different places. To the supermarket, taking your children to school, to friends or family and perhaps even to your holiday destination. You will meet many other people along the way. Cyclists, walkers, other motorists. An excellent moment to introduce them to your company. Design a cool sticker for your car that will make you stand out on the road. At Ironing Logos Enzo you can design your own sticker with a transparent background. In addition, the sticker is waterproof, resistant to UV light, seawater and oil.

2. Place a sticker logo on a cargo bike

Don't have a car? No worries! It is also possible to design a logo for your cargo bike . Upload your design on the website and we will make it as a vinyl sticker for you. The sticker is made by hand and cut in detail. You can then stick the sticker on your cargo bike yourself. Due to the high adhesive power and because the sticker is waterproof, you are assured that your sticker will remain in place all year round, even in the Dutch weather.

3. Have trendy t-shirts printed with your logo

No one wants to wear a boring polo with an even more boring logo on it, right? Therefore, designsticker logos for cool t-shirts or hoodies. It is even possible to print polyester or nylon sports shirts with iron-on logos. Ideal for when you go running or go to the gym.

4. Give accessories with your logo as gifts

Give your friends, family, neighbors and acquaintances an accessory with your logo on it. This can be something small such as a key ring or lighter. This way they always have your logo in their pocket!

5. Use balloon stickers at a fair or event

Do you have a trade fair or event coming up? Design a balloon sticker with your company name or logo . Visitors will then see your logo from a distance. Handy when you want to attract attention with your stand. Is it an event with young children? Then of course you can also hand out balloons.

Extensive options at Ironing Logos Enzo

In addition to all the ironing logos that you will find on our website, we are happy to think along with you if you have a different idea. We like to try new things, such as different types of textiles or a different surface. In most cases anything is possible! You can also contact us for large quantities. We always do our utmost to deliver everything to you as quickly as possible.

Written by Lana Gerritsen | Lane Writes

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