Back to school DIY

Back to school DIY

Schools are about to start again, so it's time for a new school bag , lunch box and stationery . You want your child to be able to recognize his or her bag and that the school supplies are unique! Get started with our products to personalize all school supplies. Read along in this blog!

name on bag

Personalize with name

Your son or daughter has chosen a backpack for the New Year, but several children may have chosen the same bag. With an iron-on application of your child's name, his or her backpack can be immediately recognized by the full coat rack. Do you want to make a completely unique backpack? Then buy a backpack without a print in your child's favorite color. In the webshop we have many cool images that you can order as an iron-on application, or design your own image in the design module. In addition to pictures, we also have a wide choice of fun words or texts. Choose the format you want and use your creativity! Another useful tip: Order a number of iron-on applications with the name in the smallest size. You can use this in your bag or on sneakers and clothing.

Pimp your gym clothes

Gym clothes are usually not very spectacular, but you can make it that way!
It is just as fun to use a name, text or picture(s) for the gym clothes. it is more fun to design your own text with sporty words such as Goal!, Sportsie or a funny Fitgirl. When pimping up your gym clothes, don't forget your sneakers. Most sneakers are made of fabric and often many children have the same popular shoes. To ensure that your child always wears his or her own shoes, iron the name or a picture in the smallest size on the outside.
Does your child have a preference for unicorns , for example? Make sure that the clothing, shoes and gym bag have the same applications. You then have a nice set for gym classes!
gym bag with name

Unique lunch box and drinking cup

Children's favorite items are visible, especially under the lunch boxes and drinking cups. Often a favorite cartoon hero who is very popular at the moment. Make the cup and bowl unique with your child's name. In the webshop there is a wide choice of more than 60 different fonts, so we have a suitable sticker for every name !
With the lunch boxes and cups, just like with the backpack, it is also fun to choose a set without a print and get started with the vinyl stickers from the webshop. We have sticker sheets with small hearts and crosses, but also rainbows and dots. The stickers are available in four colors. The children often have a different container for 10 o'clock than for lunch. To immediately see which container you need, stick a sticker of a type of fruit on it or use a large font and stick the word FRUIT on the lid. This is of course also possible for the lunch box.

All school supplies in your style

When your child goes to a higher grade, he or she will also have to purchase his or her own pencil case filled with pens and the like. The fabric of a pencil case is ideal for an iron-on application with, for example, the name. Place a small vinyl sticker with a name on the agenda, notebooks, folders and ruler and everything is ready to go to school.

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