Ballon stickers voor je verjaardag

Balloon stickers for your birthday

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Hurrah! It's a birthday! In addition to presents, a birthday party also includes streamers and balloons. How fun is it to use a personalized balloon as decoration this year? With, for example, the name of the birthday boy or a nice symbol.

The stickers for the balloons can be found under the heading 'Moments', then click on birthday. You can use the balloon stickers on all balloons. Before you apply the stickers, first blow up the balloon. After the balloon has been inflated, you can easily apply the sticker to the desired location.

You can use different texts when decorating a balloon. For example, the name of the birthday boy or girl and the date of the birthday. Or maybe the birthday boy/girl is crazy about unicorns? Then a unicorn sticker is perfect for the balloons. You can't imagine anything so crazy. You can find the different options in the webshop.

Other occasion

Of course, personalized balloons can also be used on other occasions, such as a wedding or when announcing a pregnancy. The balloon stickers can be used for absolutely any occasion. You can personalize balloons for a wedding with the names of the bridal couple or the date of the special day. For example, for a pregnancy announcement you can use 'Big Sis/ Bro'. These personalized balloons also make a beautiful backdrop for photos. A real win-win. Nice balloons on the day itself and nice decor for photos.

After ordering, the stickers will be delivered within 3-5 working days.

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