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balloon sticker with name

Hurrah! It is someone's birthday! This is of course celebrated with streamers and balloons. How fun is it to personalize the balloons for the birthday boy or girl with our balloon stickers!

You will find the balloon stickers in the webshop under the heading “birthday”. There is a choice of different texts, just the age of the birthday boy or a combination of the two. You can even design your own text as a balloon sticker! Once you have chosen the correct page, you can then choose the number of stickers you want. They can be ordered per 1, 5, 10 or 15 stickers.

Then choose your text and one of the five different colors in which the balloon stickers are available. The text for the name only is an elegant font. If you choose a name and age, you can also choose from one of the 66 fonts! The size of the stickers is 12cm wide. You stick the stickers on the balloon once it has been inflated.

Choose your balloons

The stickers can be used on all types of balloons. First blow up the balloon, then you can easily stick the sticker in the right place. You can also choose to fill a large balloon with helium so that the balloon floats in space, or you can make a beautiful cluster or pillar with several balloons. Make sure that the balloon with the sticker(s) is slightly larger than the other balloons, so that it stands out nicely. Make a beautiful wall of balloons and make sure that the balloon with the text is clearly visible. The birthday boy or girl has a beautiful background for cheerful birthday photos or use it as decoration above a sweet table!

sticker for balloon

Even more inspiration.

Balloons and balloon stickers are of course not only fun for a birthday party! In the webshop you can easily create your own text for a balloon. Do you want to make an announcement, for example about a pregnancy?
Then fill an extra large balloon (50cm) with helium, order a balloon sticker with the text “ Big sis/bro ” or, for example, “ Baby on the way !” and stick it on the balloon. Have your child or yourself and your partner photographed in a beautiful place and your original announcement is ready to send to your family and friends. And don't forget the cool Instagram and Facebook post ;-).
Another nice idea to use the balloon stickers is to give a gift. At the party store you can have a large balloon filled with confetti and a small parcel or money. At home you stick the balloon sticker on it with the text of your choice and you have a super cool gift! The recipient will have to be patient when opening his or her gift. Be creative, the balloon stickers can be used for any occasion!

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