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Renewing company logo: you should take this into account

Have you had the same company logo for a while and are you ready for an update? Because you are going to create a completely new corporate identity, or because your range is changing? Then you may be reluctant to change your company logo. That is not very strange, after all, everyone recognizes your company by your logo and if you change it, there is a chance that your customers will no longer immediately recognize your company. Or maybe you see changing your company logo as something very innocent. In both cases, it is important that you approach changing your company logo properly. In this blog we tell you what you should take into account during this change.

Consider why you want to update your company logo

Changing a logo does not happen overnight and must be carefully considered. That is why it is wise to think about why you want to do so before you renew your company logo. Do you not like the previous one, or does the logo no longer fit with the brand identity of your company? If you carefully analyze in advance the reason for the change, you will avoid wanting to change your logo again after a while, because it is not quite what you had in mind. Be sure to ask the opinion of people around you or call in a professional. There are plenty of companies that have experience in coming up with a good company logo.

Think about which direction you want to go

Once you know why you want to renew your company logo, it is important that you consider what direction you want to take with your new logo. What do you want to radiate and how do you want others to see your company? What feelings and emotions do you want to evoke in your ideal customer? Put it on paper and unleash your creative brain. Sometimes it is useful to call in a professional. Someone who has experience in coming up with a new company logo.

Try to remain recognisable

When changing your company logo, try to stay as close to your brand identity as possible. With a complete change, your customers may no longer have the same feeling about your company as before. Especially when you have built up a large customer base and your brand is strong. For example, use the same font or colors from your previous logo.

Make sure your customers are informed

Your (regular) customers largely recognize your company by your company logo. If you suddenly change it, they may be less likely to find you. People unconsciously link a logo to a company. Imagine following a company on social media that you find interesting. When you see their logo, you immediately stop to see what they post. If they have a different logo, you may unconsciously scroll past it faster. So make sure you inform your customers about the change to your logo. For example, create a newsletter in which you mention it, or come up with a fun competition that will attract attention.

Show off your new logo

Do you fully support your new logo and would you like to show it to everyone? Then make sure that your new logo is visible in as many places as possible. At Ironing Logos Enzo you can display your logo in all kinds of original ways. Design an iron-on logo for textiles, or a balloon sticker for a festive opening. We are also open to your own ideas and are happy to think along with you! Please feel free to contact us and tell us what your wishes are. We would be happy to see if we can realize your wishes.

Written by Lana Gerritsen | Lane Writes

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