Hoe pimp je een speelgoed keukentje ?

How do you pimp a toy kitchen?

Many households with children have a toy kitchen. The most common toy kitchen is that of Ikea. Beautiful, functional and timeless. This kitchen is also very suitable for pimping up with the toy kitchen stickers from the webshop!

To work!

In the webshop you will find several stickers that can be used on an (Ikea) toy kitchen. We have oven knob stickers, among other things, so we'll start with that. These stickers are available in a set of four oven knobs and you can choose from no fewer than eight colors! Under the hob of the Ikea kitchen and above the oven, you will see a shelf where these stickers fit exactly.

You can read how to apply the stickers here:

The stickers are placed between a white paper and the transparent transfer foil. To transfer the sticker properly, first rub the white paper with a card so that the sticker adheres well to the transfer foil. Now carefully remove the white paper from the sticker. Now stick the sticker with the transfer foil in the desired location and rub it again well with the card so that the sticker adheres to the surface. Now carefully remove the clear transfer film and your sticker is in place!

Bring out the imagination in the game.

At the top of the kitchen there is a small door that serves as a microwave. By using the microwave button stickers, the magneton becomes more realistic and the kids can set the time in their imagination and press start. These stickers are also available in eight different colors in the webshop.

As icing on the cake, we stick a large sticker on the closed door of the kitchen cupboard. The webshop contains two ready-made variants “Cooking with love” and “Little Chef”. But using the design module you can also have your own text made for the kitchen in a font of your choice!

With the plus points that can be found on the same page in the shop, you can pimp the kitchen even more. These stickers are fun to use on the sides or on the back of the kitchen when it is not against a wall. Of course you can complete this yourself and turn a standard kitchen into your own creation in one go and challenge your children in their imagination!

Have DIY fun! Click here for the toy kitchen stickers.
microwave buttons sticker sticker toy kitchen

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