Corona proof trakteren met traktatie stickers

Corona-proof treats with treat stickers

It is not easy to celebrate a fun, corona-proof birthday. Let alone treat corona proof. Nowadays, many schools and daycare centers have a policy that states that you must provide healthy treats and now also corona proof! In this blog you can read a few corona-proof treat tips!

Treat stickers

Because we are often only allowed to treat packaged food at school and daycare, it is difficult to make this fun and healthy. But whatever you treat... you can expect compliments with a personalized treat sticker! Various designs are ready to be personalized in the webshop.

All kinds of themes such as unicorn , rainbow and dinosaurs can be ordered with your child's name and age. If you choose to give something tasty for home, the children's parents will also know where that fun and tasty treat comes from! Of course, there is also the option to have your own design made for the treat sticker. You can upload your own image and add text to it. This way you can come up with your own text for a birthday, farewell or birth of a brother or sister. There are also birth treat stickers online.

treat stickers

Toys instead of candy

Instead of something tasty, you can also hand out a nice toy, book or game. Various small gifts are for sale at the large and cheap chain store. Think of small books to treat at a daycare center or a cool key ring for school children. Buy a little something in the theme your child likes. For example flamingos or football. Design your own stickers in the webshop and the treat will also suit the person who can hand it out. Place the toys in a transparent gift box and sprinkle with some confetti. Or, for example, colored feathers if you have a flamingo theme and fake grass or green confetti for the football theme. Children always find a balloon or horn a party in itself! Place a delicious pre-packed cookie or box of raisins in the bag, stick your treat sticker on it and throw a beautiful ribbon around it and your treat will become one big party!

treat unicorn

Birth treat stickers

When a baby comes into the family, treats are often given. The webshop contains a sticker for the birth of a girl and a sticker for the birth of a boy . These are fun to combine with a sticker that you design yourself with, for example, the baby's name or a text such as “Hooray! I'm a big brother/sister!” There are also various pre-packed treats available online for a birth. Like a cookie with the color blue or pink. Place these in a transparent gift bag and add blue or pink mice. Confetti is also available in pink or blue. And do you remember those plastic pacifiers from the nineties? These are still for sale and a nice addition to your treat bag. Hang the pacifier on a string and stick it on your gift bag with the treat sticker. The treat stickers can also be used to spruce up a wrapped present when a baby is born.

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