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Get creative for Animal Day

Animal Day is just around the corner. The day when all animals deserve extra love. Every year on October 4 we celebrate World Animal Day. From dog to horse, they are all put in the spotlight. This blog is full of tips on how to make your animal day extra personal! Our websites are packed with easy-to-personalize iron-on applications and stickers that make this day extra special for you and your (pet) animals!
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Pimp your feeding barrels

Feed barrels are something you come into contact with every day as an animal keeper. And yet they are often undecorated and hidden somewhere from the outside world. With the stickers from our website you can transform your feeding barrel into something unique. If you have multiple pets, there can be confusion about who's food bowl was which. Now you can stick a sticker on each feeding bowl with the name of the animal in question. You can provide the barrels with any text you want, in addition to your pet's name , you can also mention his allergies, supplements or favorite treats on the barrel. You can also adjust the feeding barrels to the style of the room and they match the interior. Now they no longer have to be in cupboards.

Out and about

Animal Day, the day you spend extra time with your beloved pet. It is wonderful to take a long walk. You can't forget to bring extra treats for your dog. What better way to do this than in a personalized bag with the text “Napa's bag of very important things”. You can customize this iron-on application completely with your dog's name. This way you always have the right bag with you when you go out with your four-legged friend. Now that we are getting closer to the winter months, it is becoming important to wrap up well during these long walks. There's nothing better than a unique hat that says “Dog Mom” . This iron-on application completes the walking outfit.


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Dog lover shirt

You want to show your love for your dog to the whole world. And what better way to do this than through a shirt? With a personalized iron-on application on your shirt you can show how much you care about your dog on Animal Day and throughout the year. The iron-on application can be applied without any problem and lasts a long time.
What has been mentioned in this blog is certainly not the only thing you can do. You can also personalize a bandana with an iron-on application with the name of your dog/cat. You can personalize iron-on applications and stickers with your own name.

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