De leukste diy tips voor sinterklaas

The best DIY tips for Sinterklaas

Sinterklaas and his helpers are coming to the Netherlands again this year.
It will be different than usual, but that shouldn't spoil the fun. Below I have put together some nice DIY tips for you.

Which DIY tip are you going for?

DIY tip 1 - Iron-on applications

Get creative with our iron-on applications. With an iron-on application you can transform a basic shirt into a unique item. We have various iron-on applications with and without names. Receive with your order
I give you a handy step-by-step plan in which I explain step by step how you can print a shirt yourself. Nice, but where can I find a basic shirt? Store chains such as Zeeman, Hema and De Action have a wide range of basic shirts. My favorite for blank items is the sailor. If you prefer not to go to the store, you can also contact us for a blank shirt.
Click here for the iron-on application with name for girls and click here for the iron-on application with name for boys.

iron-on application with name

DIY tip 2 - Design your gingerbread bag yourself

There will probably be no parade in many places this year. But do you still want to do something fun with the kids? Baking gingerbread nuts is always a great success for us. Add a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream and a Sinterklaas film and the children will love it. Make it extra special by storing the gingerbread nuts in a personalized gingerbread / gingerbread bag. You can design the bag together online with us, entirely according to your own wishes. Click here if you want to design yourself or go for our Saint and Pete gingerbread bag variant or the Pete hat with name gingerbread bag.

gingerbread bag with name

Diy tip 3 - Vinyl stickers

Those with a sweet tooth get treats! Transform the candy jar into a spice/pepper nut jar. You can find a blank jar for little money at Zeeman and Action, then decorate it with our stickers. The stickers are suitable for anything with a flat/smooth surface. With us you can put together a vinyl sticker entirely according to your own wishes.

DIY tip 4 - Static window stickers

Get creative with the kids without any mess. Our static window stickers stick to the window and can therefore be easily moved. Keep the sheet the stickers are on in a safe place so that you can reuse them. We have the static window stickers in black and white. The kids have fun and it looks great. Click here for the super fun street of static window stickers.

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