Decoratiestickers in huis

Decorative stickers in the house

Have you been looking for a way to take the decoration in your home to a higher level for a long time? With nice texts or symbols that cannot be found in stores? With the stickers from our webshop you can transform bare items in your home into unique, beautiful ones. Consider, for example, decorating walls, glass service, plant pots and more. The choice is endless!

Decorate your (children's) room!

The stickers that can be used for decorating can be found under the heading wall furniture stickers. Here you will find a wide range of stickers. Under the heading ' Children's room ' you will find nice examples that will brighten up the children's room. A 'growth chart ' or ' #PLAY ' stickers will complete the trendy nursery!

In addition to these stickers for children's rooms, there are also stickers for the living room , for example. You can stick these stickers on decoration items. For example on different glass jars, on the wall or even on mirrors. In addition to the example stickers mentioned, many more can be found in the webshop. Stickers for the kilo or for the toys can all be found in the webshop.

The best thing about personalized items is that there is only one of them! No one has the same. It couldn't be more unique!

The stickers will be delivered within 3-5 working days. Instructions are included that explain how best to apply the stickers, so that you will enjoy them for many years to come.

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