Leuke Paas activiteiten voor moeder en kind

Fun Easter activities for mother and child

Yes! Spring is in sight and so are the pleasant Easter holidays. It's already becoming cozy here in the house because of all the nice (DIY) decorations from the webshop. In this blog you can read which products we have in the Easter collection and what you can do with them!

window stickers easter

Iron-on applications

Of course, the familiar iron-on applications cannot be missed this year at Easter! The latest application can be personalized with your name and is extra original because of the double iron-on applications you use for it. There are also two other standard designs online, but you can always use the design module if you have a nice idea for a text or image in the Easter theme. It is very nice to wear a suitable outfit at Easter by using the iron-on applications on a beautiful shirt or other item of clothing. How about the bunny ears on your cap? Or the rabbit feet on your socks! Be creative!

window stickers easter

Decorative stickers

Would you like to get started with a fun DIY for your home? Then the “Deco Stickers” are definitely recommended. With the “Bunnies” sticker you can brighten up a boring vase in no time, or use the sticker to give placemats an Easter atmosphere and pimp up boring egg cups. The sticker can be ordered in different colors and sizes, so there is a suitable size for every egg cup, vase or placemat. Do you have a nice jar left in which you want to store your chocolate Easter eggs? Then the deco sticker “Keep your hands off, my Easter eggs” is super fun to use. This sticker also includes Easter Bunny ears. If you want to be completely sure that you can keep the Easter eggs for yourself, order a deco sticker with your own name for the jar! ;-)

Easter stickers bunnies

Decoration stickers to decorate Easter eggs

We also have small stickers with various figures that are suitable for decorating plastic eggs that you can hang in an Easter branch. The figures differ in size and shape. There are no fewer than 20 stickers in this package. From bunnies to butterflies and flowers. You can also choose these deco stickers in six different colors. This makes it a lot of fun!

The deco stickers “ Decorate Easter eggs” can also be used for boiled eggs during Easter brunch. A fun activity for the children while setting up the cheerful table. Another nice tip: stick a different sticker on the edge of each plate. Stick the same kind of sticker on a napkin or something tasty in packaging, cutlery or a small gift. Let the children find the right combination and you will have an incredibly cozy table during breakfast, brunch or lunch!

decorate Easter eggs

Window stickers

Finally, we have really nice window stickers in the Easter theme. You can choose between static (reusable) stickers and vinyl stickers that can be used once. These are stuck to the window and therefore cannot simply be moved - unlike the static stickers . You can opt for vinyl stickers when, for example, your little one's grabby hands are lurking. The static stickers are also very suitable for a slightly older child (from about 3 years old) to stick on the window themselves! Incredibly fun activity that stimulates the imagination through the cheerful and recognizable figures with which you can stick endlessly.

window stickers easter

​Will you get started with our Easter items? Show us your creation by tagging us @strijklogos_enzo.nl in your post or stories on Instagram!

Have fun with DIY and have a very happy Easter!

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