DIY kerstbal stickers.

DIY Christmas ball stickers.

Christmas is the happiest and most beautiful day of the year for most people. We make our house cozy and put up the Christmas tree. What could be more fun than homemade Christmas baubles! Super easy to make with our Christmas ball stickers!

Christmas ball stickers.

In the webshop we have placed a “Christmas” page under the heading “Moments”. This makes all our Christmas products easy to find. This includes our iron-on applications , but also the Christmas ball stickers . Several Christmas figures are printed on one sheet. So you immediately have a diverse range for your Christmas baubles! The figures are between 0.5 and 3 centimeters in size and can be ordered in black, white, gold and glitter gold. We have a suitable color sticker for every color of Christmas ball so that the figures really stand out when your homemade Christmas balls hang in the Christmas tree.

In addition to the sheet with the Christmas figures, you have the option to choose an extra sheet of stickers with our leopard print! Leopard print is an indispensable part of the interior, not even this Christmas!

Name on the Christmas bauble.

To make your Christmas tree even more personal, we also have name stickers for the Christmas balls in the webshop. How nice is it that everyone in the family has his or her own name on a Christmas bauble. You choose your own font in the shop and these name stickers are available in 4 colors.

Decorating Christmas baubles is also a very fun activity to do with children. Let the kids pick out a nice (smooth) Christmas bauble in the store themselves. An extra large one might be nice if you have a nice place for it in the tree. Order everyone 's own name in the desired font and another sheet with the Christmas ball stickers figures in the color of your choice.

This way you can get to work together on a free afternoon! Combine the stickers with different figures and colors and you have real eye-catchers on the Christmas tree!

Christmas decoration for the home.

The stickers with names can of course also be made with your own text. There are plenty of simple tea light holders available in home furnishing stores that could use some pimping for Christmas! Create your own text and choose the font that suits you. For example, choose a text such as “ Shine Brigh t” on a tea light holder. You have the option to order your own texts via the design module . Or go for a nice bowl for the Christmas wreaths and come up with an appropriate text for it! Of course, all these (glass) items are also fun to decorate with Christmas ball stickers.

Are you going to get started with our Christmas ball stickers? We love it when you share a photo on social media and tag us!
We wish you very happy holidays!

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