Kindermeubels pimpen met stickers

Pimp up children's furniture with stickers

I love getting started with DIY stickers. You can make everything much more fun with it!

Cato has a simple, white desk from Ikea in her play corner. I found it boring and not challenging, so I started working with the number stickers of ironing logos and such! Are you reading along?

 1, 2, 3.. Learn while playing!

I can imagine that a white desk doesn't really challenge a toddler to sit down and color or play. Because Cato spends a lot of time counting, I thought of sticking the numbers from 1 to 10 on her desk.

To start, I stick a piece of washi tape so that I can stick the numbers neatly and straight.

The numbers are on foil with a transfer paper on the back. You can easily place the stickers on walls or objects in this way, you can read how further in this blog!

I want to remove these numbers from the foil and stick them on with tweezers.

I stick the numbers over the edge, so that I can first check whether the distances between the stickers are somewhat equal ;-)

Then I stick them in place one by one.

I stuck the small stickers under the large ones in a playful arc.

I really like this and Cato regularly counts down the list while coloring or doing crafts!

On the side of the table I stick a rainbow sticker that I have left over from my other project... the wooden chair.

A little makeover.

Even I always have an item in my house that could use a makeover. Sometimes I give it a lick of paint, but I also used the stickers on this handmade wooden chair. I find the smaller stickers ideal for sticking on the back of the chair. I thought it would be fun to extend it to the seating area, until I realized that it wouldn't survive long with my wobbly butt. I skipped that part of the seat and continued at the bottom. I added a large rainbow to the back and I really like how the chair has been renovated!

furniture sticker rainbow

I stick these stickers from the foil. First I use a card over the transfer paper on the back so that the rainbow sticker sticks well to the foil. I stick them on one by one using the foil. Rub it a bit and then carefully remove the foil from the sticker. The sticker fits perfectly!

There is an extensive and useful explanation with your order.

The doll's chair also did not escape a small metamorphosis! This is simply part of Cato's belongings. It makes her corner look nice.

The stickers can be used on all smooth surfaces. Also very nice to renovate a boring, white wall! In the webshop you will find a large selection of stickers!

Have fun with your DIY project.



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