Hoe bedruk je zelf een t-shirt ?

How do you print a t-shirt yourself?

Iron-on applications are all the rage now! You can use them for a nice announcement, to make a statement or just to pimp up that one boring shirt, bag or jacket. In this blog I describe how easily and quickly you can get started with the iron-on applications from Strijklogo's Enzo!

Choose your iron-on application

There are a lot of ready-made iron-on applications in the webshop, but there is also the option to upload or create your own designs! I will go into this in more detail and explain it in a next blog. I chose this project - a black sweater on leuken - an existing application with a text that suits me well: 'I decide my vibes'. If you order an application, you can also choose the size yourself. This way your application fits well on the item you want to use it for. I want to iron this text on the right side of the sweater, so I opt for a smaller application of 8 centimeters in white. I ordered two because I have a nice idea to “twin” with my girl!

Choose your blank product in the webshop

In the Strijklogo's Enzo webshop you will find several cool, blank items that you can use for your DIY with the iron-on applications. So I want a cool twinning item with my daughter, so I choose a lovely black sweater from the webshop for both of us. But there is more on offer such as t-shirts, linen bags and rompers.

To work!

When you order an iron-on application, you will always receive a detailed step-by-step plan to get your application properly and neatly onto your item. Below I briefly show how to apply an iron-on application.

apply iron-on applicationironing ironing applicationRemove foil iron-on applicationiron-on application on sweater

1 . Determine the location for the iron-on application and ensure that the fabric is clean and wrinkle-free.

2 . Remove the baking paper and stick the application in place. Leave the transparent transfer foil on. Place the baking paper on top before you start with the iron.

3. Press the iron on the application for about 10 seconds without moving it back and forth. If you have a larger application, make sure you print each part of the text or image in turn.

4. Check whether your application has adhered properly to your item. Does it come loose somewhere? Then follow the steps again.

Just a little washing tip!

Wash the clothes at 30 degrees and inside out. It is better not to use fabric softener and not to put the clothes in the dryer. Does the print come loose? Place a piece of baking paper or tea towel over it and press it again with the iron.

Have DIY fun! Click here for the iron-on application "I decide my vibes"
twinning iron-on applications

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