DIY tips voor een verjaardagsfeestje!

DIY tips for a birthday party!

Hurrah! There's a party coming up at your house soon. And of course you want to go all out with this. Our webshop contains plenty of items that you can use for your DIY projects for a great party!

Birthday shirt

To start with, a personalized birthday shirt cannot be missed. How nice is it that when it's your birthday, everyone can see it! With a large number or other cool print that you can order in the webshop or design yourself in the design module. Do you want to send invitations for the birthday party? Take a beautiful photo of your child wearing the shirt and create a beautiful decor with the following DIY birthday party tips:

birthday iron-on application

Window sticker

Streamers and balloons hang at every party, of course, but how about a (personalized) window sticker so that everyone knows where the birthday boy or girl lives. The window stickers are available in white and black, easy to install and because the window stickers are made of static foil you can stick them on windows, mirrors and glass without adhesive. This means you can also reuse the stickers when you stick them back on the paper.

Birthday window sticker

Balloon stickers

Speaking of balloons... We also have stickers for this! You can choose stickers with only the name of the birthday person or only the age. There is also a balloon sticker available with both texts and you can also choose your own text for these stickers. Decorate the balloons to your liking and hang them at the sweet table and on the streamers in the house. The stickers are available in no fewer than 12 colors, so there is a suitable color for every theme. This makes the party extra personal!

Gift tip:

Everyone has a birthday now and then where the birthday boy or girl asks for money to save for something nice. Do you want to be something more creative than a simple envelope with card? How about a money balloon?!

That's how you do that:

  • Order a personalized balloon sticker with a nice text for the birthday boy/girl in the webshop.

Think “Hooray! *name* has a birthday!” or a birthday wish.

  • Buy a clear balloon and confetti in the color you want.
  • You can use coins and bills. The coins can be loose in the balloon and the bills can be rolled up so that they easily fit in the balloon.
  • Put the money in the balloon together with the confetti. Use a funnel for the confetti to get it neatly into the balloon.
  • Blow up the balloon and tie it closed.
  • Now stick the balloon stickers in the desired location . (You can read about the easiest way to apply a sticker here)
  • Once the sticker is on the balloon, tie some cheerful ribbons around the tutje and you have a super fun and original money gift!

DIY garlands with decoration stickers.

If you like craft tips, it is of course great fun to make your own garland for the living room or above the snack table between the balloons. Making a garland doesn't have to be difficult at all. I started working with paper and decoration stickers from the webshop.

I cut flags from brown craft paper on which I glued the numbers 4 and the rainbow stickers. I chose black stickers for the cool contrast, but in the webshop you can choose from 9 different colors for your DIY.

Just make holes with the hole punch, thread a string through it and your own garland is ready!

You can make the garland as long or short as you want. It is also nice to hang a short garland on the distribution basket at school/daycare.

You can of course also use fabric streamers. Maybe you still have a boring garland lying around or you are going to get started with the sewing machine yourself, the garland is always fun to pimp up or personalize with iron-on applications!

diy garland with stickers

Cake toppers

Of course, cake, cupcakes and pastries should not be missed at a good party! We often place the snacks on a large table so that guests can grab their own treats. Nowadays it is super hip to make a beautiful “sweet table” (a table with all kinds of sweet treats and cake). With the cake toppers you put the finishing touches.

How about the birthday boy's name on top of the cake? The cake toppers can also be made with your own text.

The cake toppers with numbers are available per 6 pieces in the webshop. These are also great fun to use for a treat. Below you can read great treat tips.

cake toppers

Treat stickers

Nowadays, more and more schools have a healthy food policy, which means that birthday treats must also be healthy. You can't get away with a bag of chips these days, so you can make your own treat bags with the stickers from the webshop. Choose the dinosaurs or onion horn with the name of the birthday boy or girl or a photo sticker for the treat bags that you fill with a healthy snack or small toy.

treat stickers

Do you like to make something yourself for the treat? There are countless recipes on the internet for healthy and responsible cupcakes full of vegetables or fruit. Bake these in a cheerful cupcake tin and finish it off with a number cake topper!

Enough fun DIY for your birthday party.

Have fun!

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