Drie manieren om je zwangerschap bekend te maken

Three ways to announce your pregnancy

How nice is it when you are pregnant and can finally announce this to the world after a few weeks! It's extra fun to do this in a creative way and of course with the products from the webshop!

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Announcement on a t-shirt

You don't want to know how surprised everyone would be if you walked into the room with a cool text on your shirt that made the message immediately clear! It is common for the big brother and/or sister to wear a shirt with the text “big brother” or “big sister” on it. But of course you can also print a shirt for yourself with an announcement on it! Or just the whole family. Even more fun, right?! In the webshop you will find various ironing applications or design your own text in the design module.

A text under a mug

This is a more subtle way of announcing and super exciting... because when and who will be the first to see what you secretly want to say?! What a surprise when you take a sip of your cup of coffee or tea and what do we read there?! BABY on the way! Secretly showing those little hints and seeing who will get the penny first... That's too much fun! In the design module you can easily create your own text for under your mug. Tip: choose a larger mug so that the text can be larger and easier to read. The mug with sticker(s) cannot be placed in the dishwasher.

Ultrasound photo in a frame

If you want to surprise your family or friends with a beautiful ultrasound photo of your baby, it is extra fun to put it in a beautiful photo frame and personalize it with your own text. For this text you can use wall and furniture stickers from the webshop or design them yourself in the design module. For example, think of your due date or a nice text that suits you and the arrival of a baby!

Have fun announcing your pregnancy. However you do it, have a party!

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