Gepersonaliseerd cadeau

Personalized gift

The weather is getting colder. Here and there you can already see a Christmas tree in the living room. Sparkling Christmas decorations on the houses light up the streets. Christmas is getting closer. When you think of Christmas, you think of the Christmas tree, decorations, Advent calendars and of course, not to forget, the presents under the Christmas tree.

This year you will win the prize of best gift giver at Christmas! Give a unique gift with the help of our personalized iron-on applications for textiles. This guarantees a fun Christmas party.

Make the perfect gift with a personalized shirt or bag. Does your friend have a certain phrase that he/she uses all the time? A certain proverb or perhaps even a self-invented word that you often hear when you are together. A super nice gift is a shirt with that specific sentence or word on it. You can order this ironing application via the design module . Here you can adjust the font and size of the iron-on application yourself. A personal gift that can be worn with a smile for many years. How nice is that to receive?

You can buy a name and also a text iron-on application. The webshop offers a wide range of different texts and fonts. It may happen that the text you want is not available. No worries! With the design module you can create your own text for textiles. You can choose different fonts via the design module. You can also adjust the size of the iron-on application.

You can easily and quickly apply the iron-on applications to textiles. You apply them using an iron. Within minutes, that simple sweater has been transformed into a unique piece of clothing! The iron-on applications are of high quality and you will enjoy them for many years. The iron-on applications are intended for textiles such as shirts and sweaters, and you can also use them on denim jackets, cotton bags, pillowcases, etc. The iron-on applications will be shipped within 3-5 business days.

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