Gepersonaliseerde strijkapplicaties, wat zijn het en hoe kan je ze gebruiken?

Personalized iron-on applications, what are they and how can you use them?

As a mother you are often looking for something unique for your child, a fun way to personalize a piece of clothing, for example , with an iron-on application. In our range you will find a lot of iron-on applications in different shapes and sizes, but what are iron-on applications and how do you use them? We will tell you all about it in this blog post. 

What are personalized ironing applications? 

Iron-on applications, also called iron-on logo, iron-on emblem, iron-on plate or iron-on letter, are applications that you can "iron" yourself on a piece of textile. This can be done on, for example, a T-shirt or a denim jacket, but also on a cushion cover, for example. This gives you the opportunity to pimp an article completely to your own wishes. A boring and simple T-shirt becomes a cool and unique item. 

In addition to a wide choice of ironing applications that you can order ready-made, you also have the option to fully personalize them . How nice is it to give a product with a name as a maternity gift, wedding gift , birthday gift or as a thank you ? Designing your own iron-on application is super easy! Our personalized ironing applications can also be ordered in various colors. Our personalized birthday iron-on applications are a favorite with our customers , can be personalized with age and name !  

What can you make with iron-on applications ? 

With our iron-on applications you can pimp products yourself, such as sweaters, shirts, bags, sheets, caps, jackets and pillows. In fact, (almost) everything made of textile can be personalized with our applications. The iron-on applications are available for boys, girls, but also for various events such as: birthdays, pregnancy, bachelor party and all kinds of other fun events. Especially for these moments it can be nice to include an age or name, for example. With our personalized ironing applications you have the option to order them from us. Ordering an iron-on application with your name, for example, is a piece of cake! This makes the applications perfect for making a personal gift or just for a cool new budget outfit! 

How do you apply an iron-on application ? 

Even though they are called iron-on applications, you don't have to 'iron' them, but you do need your iron! Our iron-on applications are made of high-quality materials and will always adhere if you follow the ironing instructions. Even after frequent washing. If you treat your product with care, you can enjoy it for a very long time. Our iron-on applications are suitable for cotton and a mix of cotton and polyester. 

You can easily apply an iron-on application to a washed and clean T-shirt using an iron heated to 164 degrees. In addition, keep a piece of baking paper at hand and you are ready to pimp the item. Do you want to know exactly how to apply an iron-on application? Then read our blog where we explain step by step how you can approach this. 

Are you curious about what fun things you can make with an iron-on application? Below you will find a number of examples. What will you make with our personalized iron-on applications? 

View our extensive collection of personalized iron-on applications with name here !

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