Designing text for textiles

Designing text for textiles can be a fun and creative way to convey a message or add a personal touch to your garments. Our design module is ideal for designing your own text. Then choose which color and font you want and we will make it as an iron-on logo for textiles.

Text designs for textiles

  • Choose the text: Think about which words you want on your textiles. This can be a personal message, an inspiring quote or simply your name.
  • Choose the font: Choose a font that matches the style and feel of your text. Consider choosing a simple, readable font if you want your text to be easy to read.
  • Choose the size of the text: Determine how large you want the text on the textile. Keep in mind that if you are placing the text on a small piece of clothing, you may want to reduce the font size slightly to prevent it from becoming too overwhelming. Determine the color of the text:
  • Choose a color that matches the color of the textile and the style of your design.
  • Follow the included instructions to ensure your design stays put and looks great for a long time.

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