Hoe kan ik strijkapplicaties aanschaffen voor mijn bedrijf?

How can I purchase iron-on applications for my company?

You have made the choice that you want to purchase iron-on applications for your company. Maybe because you have just started a business, or because you want to physically advertise your business. But where do you start? You may already have a design, such as your company logo, or you may want to design something completely different, such as a slogan. And then you also have to choose which item or items you want to place the iron-on application on. Due to the wide choice, you may no longer see the forest for the trees. With our extensive experience we are happy to help you on your way. In this blog we therefore answer the question of how can I purchase iron-on applications for my company?

Come up with a design

Of course, you don't want to regret your decision afterwards. Therefore, choose in advance which design you want to use for your ironing logo. Most people immediately think of the company logo, but that is not necessarily the case. Do you have a slogan for your company, or something else that is very recognizable for your brand or company? Then of course you can also use that as a design. It's best to think of something that will really make you stand out. At Ironing Logos Enzo it is possible to get iron-on logos for textiles in all the colors you can think of. So you can go all the way while designing!

Choose the item on which you want to place the iron-on application or logo sticker

Done with your design? Consider what you would like to show off your iron-on application on. This no longer has to be a boring polo or a standard t-shirt. The iron-on applications from Ironing Logos Enzo are suitable for different surfaces. For textiles this is Cotton, Polyester and a mix of Cotton/Polyester. Do you have another type of textile that you would like to see an iron-on application on? Then we will also be happy to advise you. We may also try our products for you on other types of textiles to see if it is possible. In addition to ironing logos on textiles, you can also attach a logo sticker to your car or even to a cargo bike. If you want to start a little smaller, you can opt for an iron-on logo on an accessory such as a cap or a balloon.

Order your ironing application online

Once you have a design and figured out what you would like to place it on, it's time for the final step of your journey. Ordering your ironing logo or logo sticker. You can easily upload your design online on the Ironing Logos Enzo website. Choose the item you want to order and upload the design. We will then ensure that your sticker is designed with the utmost precision and sent to you.

Iron-on logos Enzo is happy to think along with you

On our website you will find different categories of ironing applications to choose from. We have made it as easy as possible to order the item you want. You will also find all washing instructions and other things you need to take into account explained on the website. Would you like to place a large order, or do you have wishes that you cannot fulfill with the options on our website? Then we would be happy to think along with you. You can always contact us for advice on applying the iron-on applications or other advice. The fastest way to reach us is via the contact page on our website.

Written by Lana Gerritsen | Lane Writes

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