Wat zijn de leukste juf en meester traktaties

What are the best teacher treats?

There is often an occasion when you want to give your child(ren)'s teacher a thank you or treat/present for, for example, a birthday or the end of a wonderful year. In this blog you can read some nice ideas to create a unique and personal treat with our iron-on applications and vinyl decoration stickers.

Thank you for helping me grow!

It is always nice to receive a present that is also functional and that the teacher can use in the classroom or at home. A nice and appropriate text is “Thank you for helping/helping me grow!” This text is great on a beautiful glass vase with (dry) flowers in it or on a plant sprayer or watering can. You create this, or another text, in the webshop and order the text in the color of your choice. This way you match the sticker to the color of the product you are going to use it for!

Great guy

Is your child's teacher really a great teacher? Then you probably want to give him a nice compliment and something that is useful to him and that he can use in class. Buy a nice notebook or notebook with a smooth and neutral cover. You can download your own text and image using the design module on the website. Find a silhouette of a pear and order the text “Toffe” in the size of the booklet or notebook. You can also choose to paste the name of the master under the image of the pear. Of course you can also use another nice text for the notebook!

Getting started with iron-on applications

You can also make a fun and personal treat for the teacher with our ironing applications. How about a cool pencil case with the teacher's name on it. Or a shirt with a nice text or other iron-on application that suits the teacher well. What hobbies does your child's teacher have? If you know what he/she likes, you are not only original, but you let them know that they are interested in your son or daughter's teacher.

Aju umbrella!

Would you like to give a farewell gift to the teacher to say hello and thank you for the wonderful school year? Buy a nice umbrella without an overly busy print. Preferably just one color so that the application you are going to use will stand out. Choose a small umbrella that is easy to carry. These often have a case that you can put them in after use. This is where you will iron the iron-on application. This can also be done on the umbrella itself, but it will have a shorter shelf life because it will of course become quite wet several times due to the rain. Order an iron-on application in the webshop with the text “Aju umbrella! Thank you teacher!” and possibly add your child's name, in the color of your choice and iron it on the umbrella cover. This is also a very nice gift if your child is saying goodbye to daycare or playgroup.

Great teacher

Does your child have a really cool teacher who likes something tasty? How about a jar of delicious toffees to enjoy during class. You order a vinyl sticker in the color of your choice and then stick it on a beautiful jar in which you will put the toffees. An alternative is a deep interchangeable frame for the desk.

Bag with goodies

Is the teacher not satisfied with the toffees and would you like to spoil him or her with even more treats? Fill a brown kraft bag or a transparent bag to put all kinds of goodies in. You can also make a theme bag with, for example, different flavors of tea or bags of instant coffee if the teacher is a real coffee lover. Add a pre-packed cookie or sweets and seal the bag with a homemade closing sticker from our webshop! There are a number of examples online, but these closing stickers can also be ordered completely according to your wishes. This treat is also great if you are going to treat several teachers at a daycare center or if your child can go around the classrooms to hand out.

Have fun making the treats for the teacher!

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