Kerst trend 2020: Pimp je eigen kerstbal

Christmas trend 2020: Pimp your own Christmas bauble

Maybe you're wondering if it's time to decorate the Christmas tree yet. We are already busy with the holidays and how you can make them even more personal. Especially during this crazy period, we want to make it cozy at home and what better way to do that than with a pimped Christmas tree.

Go for a personal Christmas tree

In the shops you are bombarded with Christmas baubles and other nice decorations for the tree, but a personal Christmas tree is always the best. Think of a nice craft for your child to put in the tree. These are often things that you hang on the tree year after year, because they tell a story.

This year the trend is to make the Christmas tree even more personal. You may be asking yourself now: but how can we do that? We at Ironing Logos etc. will help you with that!

DIY Christmas bauble

You can pimp up your Christmas bauble in different ways. You can make them from scratch with cardboard, for example, but if you want to keep the tree a bit quiet then you might be better off going for another option.

Most children like to do crafts, so painting their own Christmas bauble can be the perfect activity on a gray winter day. A painted Christmas bauble is often slightly less hysterical than other crafts and can therefore match perfectly with your other decorations.

What do you need to paint your Christmas bauble?

  • a number of (plastic) Christmas baubles
  • craft paint
  • brushes
  • possibly glitter or other decoration
  • nice stickers

You can then let your child(ren) paint and decorate the balls to their heart's content as they wish. At the end of this craft session you will have very proud children and original pimped Christmas baubles for the tree. Completely in line with this year's Christmas trends.

name sticker Christmas bauble

Christmas bauble with name

Would you prefer a quieter specimen on the tree, but do you want to give it a personal touch? Then it is always possible to cover the Christmas baubles with a name sticker. This way you can stick the names of your children, pets or other family members on the ball without it clashing with your Christmas tree. Of course it is also possible to cover the painted Christmas bauble with a name sticker.

Covering a Christmas bauble is very easy, but it may be a job for mom. It would be a shame if all the names were crooked, although your child won't see that and he/she will be very proud of the DIY ball.

In our webshop you have the option to order your personalized name stickers especially for Christmas baubles. You have a wide choice of different colors and fonts, so that you have a Christmas tree full of pimped Christmas baubles this Christmas.

Tip: A personalized Christmas bauble can also be a very nice gift for, for example, a child born around Christmas. Or how about a ball for grandpa and grandma. The possibilities are endless!

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