Kraam cadeau met naam

Stall gift with name

Hurrah! A baby has been born. When you go on a maternity visit, you naturally want to give a nice and original maternity gift to the new parents and the baby. A maternity gift with name is unique, personal and very fun to give!

In this blog we give you a few tips with the items from our webshop.

Money box with name

Every child needs a piggy bank to save their pocket money. How nice is it to buy a beautiful piggy bank and stick the name of the newborn child on it with the vinyl stickers from our webshop. The name stickers are available in more than 50 fonts and can be ordered in any color and size. This way the name always fits well on the piggy bank!


There are various nice suitcases and storage boxes/bags available online. It is more than fun for new parents to find the name of their little baby, which they are so proud of, in the nursery or living room. How nice is it to stick the child's name on a small (play) suitcase. If you want to give one large gift with several people, you can fill the suitcase with all kinds of useful baby products such as a nice baby oil or a rattle. Print a romper with an iron-on application (with name or image) and you have a nice package for the baby and the parents!

Having a child also means a lot more stuff in the house. Not only toys need to be stored, but also diapers, wipes, bedding and so on. With the vinyl stickers you can easily stick the child's name on a wooden box or paper bag. In the design module you can easily create a sticker with your own text, for example: “Isa's diapers” or choose the text from the birth announcement. What can also be very valuable is a storage box. Here parents can keep the first pacifier and the first pack along with other valuable memories. In the design module, create various stickers with the baby's birth details and stick them on a beautiful wooden box.

Backpack with name

If the child goes to childcare later, he or she will also need a bag to carry all the items such as a bottle. With an iron-on application with the baby's name, the bag will never be lost and you will have a timeless gift that the child can use for years to come!

Personal hug

Every child will be happy with their own cuddly toy! It's even more fun if your own name is on your cuddly toy. Another super personal and unique maternity gift and something that will be used and kept for years. It is also super useful to take a cuddly toy with a name with you to the daycare center. The iron-on application is best applied when the fabric (the cuddly toy) where you want it printed is on a hard surface. So it is difficult to iron the iron-on application on a round bear belly. So find the thinnest piece of fabric to press the application on, such as the ear on this rabbit!

Will you get started with our vinyl stickers or iron-on applications for a beautiful and unique maternity gift?

Have fun!

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