Bestellingen inpakken met eigen logo, doe je zo!

This is how you pack orders with your own logo!

If you have your own company, you would like to make your logo visible. With thelogo closing stickers you have your logo within reach and can easily close your mail. But of course the sealing stickers are no longer just for sealing envelopes. Here you can read what else they can be used for!

logo closing sticker

Make your logo visible

To make theclosing stickers completely according to your wishes, they are available in paper stickers, transparent or even water-resistant. Of course, it depends on what type you choose for which you want to use the stickers. If you use the closing stickers for presents and sealing tissue paper, the paper stickers are ideal for this. If you want to use your logo on packages or to seal envelopes, a water-resistant sticker is a handy choice. This way your logo remains visible during and after transport. Transparent stickers can be used for both purposes.

You can easily and quickly upload your logo in the webshop and order it on a sheet of 24 pieces. If you do not have a logo yet or if you want a different text on the closing sticker, you can use the design module for theclosing stickers. Here you can enter your own text and then adjust the color and font.

wrapping stickers logo

Creative packing

When you have a (web)shop and sell items, it is very neat - and it is also just a lot of fun - to pack the packages neatly. Nowadays there are many nice online shops where you can buy beautiful tissue paper or wrapping paper. These sheets of paper are often available in very different colors and prints, so try to match them with your logo for a suitable look. If you want to completely unpack (pack it!), create an extraclosing sticker in the webshop with, for example, a nice text or nice figure such as a heart. You can complete the package with a beautiful ribbon or maybe even some confetti! Your customer will receive a small gift to unpack his or her order.

logo sticker own logo

Did you know…

We have several stickers in the webshop for various occasions?

For example, choose a treat sticker to complete your son or daughter's treat. The webshop also contains stickers that announce the birth of a sister or brother!

treat stickers

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