Maak je eigen kersttrui

Make your own Christmas sweater

Nowadays it is all the rage to wear a crazy, ugly, fun or original Christmas sweater during Christmas dinner or for Christmas lunch/brunch at school or daycare. With our iron-on applications you are sure to have the most original sweater!


The symbol of Christmas is the reindeer . We have several designs of ironing logos in the webshop. For the cool boys and girls we have a reindeer with cool sunglasses and of course his red nose. If you like glitter and something more “girly”, you can opt for the “ Reindeer sleepy eyes ” application. But if you prefer to keep it simple, we also have a cute picture of a reindeer head.

The newest and most popular iron-on application is the reindeer letter with your own name! This application consists of your own letter with two reindeer antlers on it. You will also receive your full name and iron it over the large letter. This way you have a festive and personal Christmas sweater!

Festive texts.

A catchy, funny or nice text always works well on a Christmas sweater. We have different texts available with the Christmas iron-on applications. Of course you can also design your own text as an iron-on application in the design module .

Not only children wear nice Christmas sweaters during Christmas dinner. As an adult, do you not feel like sitting at the table dressed up in your (somewhat uncomfortable) dress, or do you think that black blouse from last year is really too boring this time among all the original Christmas sweaters? Then pimp up your clothes with an iron-on application. As a family, sit at the table with your family, all wearing the same sweater! We have an ironing application in the webshop that is extremely suitable for this. The text reads “ Christmas with the ...... ” and here you enter your own surname. For example: Christmas with the Woodmen!
Do you want to give your Christmas sweater or other item of clothing an extra Christmas atmosphere? Then order our star iron-on applications , cut them apart and iron them here and there over your outfit! You can also do this on black tights for under a beautiful Christmas dress or skirt!
The iron-on applications can be ordered in 6 different and festive colors and of course also in various sizes as you are used to from us. From the smallest size (12 cm wide) to the largest size (24 cm wide).


ik weet niet hoe ik un kersttrui maak


ik probeer via uw website de keuzes voor de foute kersttrui te vinden, maar kan deze helaas niet vinden.
Zou u mij dat kunnen vertellen? wij zijn op zoek naar verschillende modellen(/- 40 stuks) die voorzien kunnen worden met de naam van ons bedrijf . Het is ook van belang dat we deze voor 15 december binnen hebben.
Graag verneem ik van u wat de mogelijkheden zijn.

Gutteling B.V.

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