Begin je eigen kledinglijn

Start your own clothing line

Have you had a certain shirt design in mind for several months, but can't find it anywhere in stores? Do you have an idea about a cool design for a sweater, but no idea how to make it come true? Look no further, you've come to the right place! You can find dozens of designs for textiles in our webshop. Something for everyone! From texts about weddings to birthdays . You can't imagine anything so crazy! You can now make that shirt you always wanted yourself. How cool?!

Own design for your own clothing line

Using our iron-on applications you can print existing designs and your own designs on your clothing. This way you make unique clothing that no one else has. With the iron-on applications you can easily design your own clothes. You can come up with the lyrics yourself. And make it completely to your own taste by determining the font and size of the iron-on application yourself. Although the range of iron-on applications is endless, it may happen that your desired design is not included. Don't worry! You can also have your self-designed texts printed. You can order your own designs via the ' design module '. Here you can indicate the text, size and font of your iron-on application.

    In short, you can transform your clothing into something unique with our iron-on applications. You can transform your entire wardrobe. Shirts, denim jackets, sweaters and even jeans can all be printed with iron-on applications. You could even come up with an entire clothing line with specific texts and words that are completely your thing. For example, you can make a powerful shirt for your friends and/or family. How nice is that? Make your clothing dreams come true. Order that cool text for your clothing.

    Breathing new life into old clothes

    Of course you can also add the old clothes that have been in the back of the closet for years to this new unique clothing line. You can easily transform an old shirt or sweater into the showpiece of your new clothing collection. You can turn a boring old piece of clothing into a unique item in no time using the iron-on applications.

    The iron-on applications can be applied to textiles with an iron without any problems. After ordering, you will receive the iron-on applications within 3 to 5 working days.

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