Maak je eigen sinterklaas cadeau zak met naam

Make your own Sinterklaas gift bag with name

Summer is behind us and autumn has officially started. We are therefore already busy preparing for the upcoming holidays and we are kicking off with the Sinterklaas gift bags with name !

New at Ironing Logos Enzo

Every year we of course have the nice Sinterklaas iron-on applications that can be used to make a personalized Sinterklaas shirt . This year we are expanding the collection with the extra large iron-on appliqués gift bag with name es for the gift bags. The cotton gift bags can be ordered with the iron-on applications. The bags have a capacity of 38 liters and are 75x50cm in size. So there are plenty of presents in there! The gift bag has a drawstring closure.

Personalize iron-on applications

Just as you are used to from us, it is easy to indicate in the webshop which name or names you want on the iron-on application. For example, do you opt for a bag for the whole family, the names of the children or do you give each child his or her own gift bag from Santa?! It's all possible. The iron-on application consists of two parts of 30cm wide. This means that the houses with the Pietjes and Sinterklaas on the roof, and the (family) name with the stamps are delivered separately. So you iron this separately on the bag. The applications can be ordered in six different colors, so there is something for everyone! For example, do you still have a jute bag lying around? The iron-on applications are also suitable for this.

Apply iron-on application

Tips for applying the iron-on applications

We can imagine that you have questions about applying such a large iron-on application. Here we share some tips to provide your Sinterklaas gift bag with the applications.

- Place the gift bag on a flat surface where the bag fits completely, such as the dining room table. First smooth the bag completely and let it cool down again.

- Start with the application of the houses, which will be on the bottom of the bag. Do not place this application at the very bottom of the bag, so you can still see the houses when the bag is upright filled with presents.

- Start to the left or right of the iron-on application. Make sure the iron is warm, but not too hot! Do not make any ironing movements, but press the iron firmly on the application for about 10 seconds per section. Make sure you include every piece of the iron-on application and especially the edges must be well printed on the gift bag. When you remove the transfer foil, if you notice that the iron-on application is not yet properly adhered, carefully place the transfer foil and baking paper back in place and press the iron onto the iron-on application again.

Iron-on application canal house

- When you have finished with the houses and this application has cooled down properly, start the second application with the name and place it above the houses. Make sure that this iron-on application is not too high on the bag, otherwise the text will no longer be legible when you pull the drawstring.

- Repeat the above steps and your Sinterklaas gift bag is ready!

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