Maak je eigen tekst in onze ontwerpmodule

Create your own text in our design module

Our webshop is full of fun iron-on applications and vinyl stickers, something for everyone! But if you have an idea of ​​your own and it is not among the designs we have or you want a personal design, you can easily get started in our design module .

Iron-on applications, vinyl stickers and closing stickers.

In the design module you can design all our products according to your own ideas. Think of a nice text for a t-shirt for a birthday or a nice announcement, for example. The vinyl stickers can also be completely personalized. These stickers can be used as wall/decoration stickers . Most texts are made to personalize gifts or for the baby/children's room. Do you perhaps have a beautiful text from the birth announcement that you would like to give a special place? You can easily create your own text in the design module. This also applies to the closing stickers that you can use with your own logo or text for your company or as treat stickers.

To work!

Go to the design module on the website and choose what you want to make. Then choose the size of your design. The smallest size is 8 centimeters wide and the largest size is 80 centimeters wide. For the iron-on applications , you can choose from extra small (8cm) to XXL (30cm). In the “text” box, type your own chosen text and you will immediately see an example of it. If you would prefer a different font, you can change it immediately. Do you want to create a design with two different fonts? Then select the next sentence or word of your choice in the “Text 2” box. See example of 2 different fonts in one design: Below the text areas you can adjust the size and center the text where you want it. Left, in the middle or right. The type of font can be selected at the bottom. We have more than 60 different styles, so there's something for everyone!

Request your own design.

It is also possible to request your own design in the design module.
We tailor this design especially for you! You first choose the product for which you want to have a design made. An iron-on application, wall or decoration sticker or a closing/treat sticker. Then enter the desired font and additional information if applicable.
If you have an image as an example for your design, you can easily upload it to the website. Then choose the color and size and you will receive an email with a digital design within 48 hours. After your approval, we will get to work for you!

Watch the video below to see how you can easily create your own design in our design module!

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