Maak je gelegenheid extra feestelijk met onze Caketopper

Make your occasion extra festive with our Caketopper

Hurrah! It's a birthday! Hurrah! Hurrah! In addition to presents and snacks, a birthday party also includes a large birthday cake. A cake topper would really complete this cake. That's the real icing on the cake. You can order the cake toppers via our webshop under the heading ' READY AND READY '. There are different designs to choose from for different occasions.

There are different designs for cake toppers for a birthday. For example, there is a design where you can order a cake topper with your own text . This could, for example, be the name of the birthday boy/girl. You can also order the age of the birthday boy/girl . These come in a pack of 6 and go up to 20. For ages over 20, two numbers can be purchased individually. the ultimate cake topper is the round transparent cake topper . You can add the text to this cake topper yourself. You can also choose the colors of the text and background. This way the cake topper fits perfectly with the cake and the party.

Cake toppers for other occasions

Besides birthdays, the cake toppers can be used for other occasions. The “baby” cake toppers can be used, such as at a baby shower or gender reveal party. Awesome! These also come in a pack of 6 cake toppers. These cake toppers make the c cupcakes complete! You can use the round transparent cake topper for a wedding, for example. With the date or the names of the bridal couple. You can adjust the colors to match the color theme of the wedding. Fits perfectly! To complete the special occasion, you can combine the cake toppers with the balloon stickers from the webshop.

The cake toppers are attached to wooden sticks and can easily be placed on top of the cake or even cupcakes. They are delivered within 3-5 working days.

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