Creating merchandise for sports clubs with iron-on logos.

There are many different types of merchandise that you as a sports club can make and sell to promote your brand and generate extra income. Of course, you need iron-on logos for this in a large assignment of perfect quality. And let's have the best iron-on logos that can also be used for sports!

Clothing with iron-on logos.

You prefer that your members wear as much clothing as possible with your logo on it, but also outside the association to show what they are a member of. You start with the clothing: T-shirts, hoodies, caps and other clothing items with the association's logo printed on them are popular choices. It is important to ensure quality clothing that is comfortable to wear and that looks attractive. The iron-on logos can be ordered from us in different sizes, so you have a suitable iron-on logo for every item that can be pressed onto the clothing in one hand with an iron.

Sports equipment

It makes sense for sports clubs to sell sports equipment. This includes sports bags, water bottles and training clothing. These products can not only help increase brand awareness, but also equip players with the right equipment for training and competition. Our iron-on logos are ideal for providing training clothing and sports bags with your club logo and making them easy to iron on. Use logo stickers for the water bottles

Fan items

Fans of the association often want to show their support and loyalty by purchasing fan items such as scarves, flags and banners. These products can also be a great way to promote the association during competitions and events. It is possible to buy a large number of blank paper flags online on which you can stick your own logo stickers. You can easily use the iron-on logos for fabric flags.


Associations can also sell accessories such as stickers, badges and self-made key rings. You can make these accessories with our logo sticker. Empty key rings can be ordered online and the logo stickers can easily be placed in them. The logo stickers can also be used to label packaging material, such as envelopes.

Need help?

Do you need help with what you could use to make merchandise for the sports club yourself? Feel free to send an email and we will be happy to help you with appropriate advice.

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