Pak jouw pakketjes feestelijk in met eigen stickers!

Wrap your packages festively with your own stickers!

Have a special occasion coming up soon? Or do you want to take the way your company's orders look to the next level? The closing stickers with your own logo or text are perfect for this! You can use the stickers as decoration on a special occasion such as birthdays /anniversaries or when packing orders.

Personalize closing stickers

You can put together the closing stickers yourself! You can have a text or logo printed on the stickers. For example, a text such as 'Thank you' or 'Self made' can be used when packing orders. You can also have the name of the bride and groom printed for a wedding. You can use these stickers on the day itself as decoration on glassware, for example. You can use closing stickers with your own logo in different ways. For example, when packing orders, you make it festive for your customers to open the order. You can also stick them on the packaging of the order so that your logo is clearly visible when the package arrives. The possibilities are endless!

The closing stickers have a size of 4x4 cm. Ordering the closing sticker with logo or text is easy via the website. When ordering you can upload the file with your logo or desired text. You can also compose the background yourself. You can choose from paper or transparent background. A transparent background is beautiful on glassware, for example! The stickers are easy to apply to the desired surface.

With the closing stickers you can make the decoration at your next wedding, birthday or anniversary personal and unforgettable. A custom-made closing sticker completes the package and shows that you put love into the order! Who wouldn't want this?

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