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Pimp the high chair with a name sticker

The time has come... Your little one is big enough to sit down at the dining table to join the meal. You have studied a good and stylish high chair that fits into your interior. Make the chair personal and unique with a name sticker of your child!

Choose from more than 65 designs

There is a font available for every taste and style. From elegant to sturdy and from wide letters to narrow and subtle letters. This way you can choose a suitable sticker for the high chair you have selected. Did you know that we have custom name stickers especially for the famous and best-selling Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair? You can easily choose this size during the ordering procedure. This way you can be sure that you will get your child's name nice and fitting on the Tripp Trapp chair. This sticker is 5cm high. If you have a high chair with a wider spot for a name sticker , such as the Ikea ANTILOP, which has a closed backrest, then there is a choice to suit your taste. The name stickers can be ordered from size Extra small, 8 cm wide, to size XXL, 30 cm wide and can be ordered in 10 different colors. The name stickers therefore fit on any chair with a smooth surface such as (lacquered) wood and plastic.

high chair name sticker

Easy to clean

The name stickers are made of vinyl. This is a sturdy and “vandal-proof” sticker that cannot be easily removed. This makes the highchair easy to clean after a meal. Because all the little ones make a mess. Before you know it, the stew will be smeared all over the table and chair ;-). The vinyl stickers are waterproof so you can easily cover them with a cloth.
Of course it is not wise to scrub it hard. Try to avoid the name sticker as much as possible during thorough cleaning. This way the sticker stays in place for a long time!

Add more stickers!

Not finished pimping the high chair yet?
There are many more vinyl stickers in the webshop that can of course also be used on the high chair. Stick rainbows or dots on it and your chair is completely pimped to your liking. Another nice idea is to design your own text in the design module and paste it under your child's name. For example: “Enjoy your meal” or “Enjoy!” It is also fun to (partially) decorate the chair with the stickers together with your child. A great motivation for the little ones who don't like to sit at the table on the Tripp Trapp.

Original gift

Giving a personal gift is always a success. All parents are proud of their children's name, so they would like to share it and make it visible. A high chair in itself is a nice (maternity) gift, with a name sticker in the style of the birth announcement, for example, you can definitely score points with the high chair!

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