QR code favoriete nummer.

QR code favorite song.

Music has become an indispensable part of our lives. Now with the lock down, even more music will be listened to than before. During work or while you are doing your school assignments, your own playlist with your favorite songs of the moment in the background, or while cleaning around the house... Who doesn't listen to their favorite songs via Spotify these days?!

New, unique iron-on application.

Iron-on logos Enzo now has a very cool new iron-on application available. A QR code of your favorite song as an iron-on application! The QR code not only looks great on a shirt, cap or bag, but you can also scan the code with your phone and the Spotify app and play your song at any time.
Now you're probably thinking... How?! Well very simple.
Go to the heading ironing applications -> personalized ironing applications -> QR code favorite number ironing application . Here you type the lyrics of the Spotify song of your choice and choose your desired format. You can choose between extra small (8cm wide) and Extra large (24cm wide).
The extra small size fits nicely on the left or right side of your chest, but with the extra large iron-on application your personal QR code immediately catches the eye! Of course, there are also sizes in between. The website describes for which size clothing the iron-on applications can be used. Uncertain about the size? Feel free to send a message!

Give a QR code as a gift!

Thanks to the design of this QR code, you not only always have your favorite song with you, but you can also pimp your shirt, cap or other fabric item in no time. The iron-on application can be used on cotton, polyester or...
combination of these substances. The QR code looks really cool and I'm sure others will ask you what kind of hip shirt you are wearing! How nice is it if you say that they can scan the code with the Spotify app and find your favorite one
can play a song. This iron-on application is unique and a real eye-catcher. Very contemporary and certainly suitable as an original (birthday) gift. Everyone has a song from an artist that they love. Or give a song with a beautiful message to cheer someone up, encourage them or let them know that you are there for them.

are that person. Personal and surprising! Who wouldn't want that?

QR game.

We are now in a lock down and parties or getting together are unfortunately not possible at the moment. But when we can organize parties again, we have come up with a fun game for your birthday, children's party, bachelorette party
party or baby shower. All guests order a QR code with their favorite number. You then iron this onto a shirt or other item
optionally! The birthday boy or mommy/daddy to be must then scan the codes one by one and play them via the Spotify app. Listen to the song and guess who chose the song. Did that person guess (almost) everything correctly?
Then he/she deserves a gift!

Baby shower

For a baby shower it is fun to let each guest choose a beautiful song for the baby and iron it on a romper. Can the expectant mom or dad guess who the number is from? You can be sure that you will have wonderful memories of it and who knows, your little one's favorite song might be among them.

Bachelor party

The person organizing the bachelor party ensures that every guest present at the party wears a shirt with a QR code with a number of their own choosing. This can be a funny, wrong or loving song. The bride
or groom now scans the codes one by one and plays them. Time to show everyone their dance moves!
Will you get started with the QR codes of your favorite song? Have fun!

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