Spijkerjasje voor je bruiloft pimpen

Pimp your denim jacket for your wedding

Hurrah! You're getting married. This will be the most beautiful day of your life and hopefully the weather will cooperate a bit. Are you getting married in a less warm period and do you need a jacket to wear over your beautiful wedding dress? Then pimp it up with an iron-on application from Ironing Logos Enzo!

Nail on a wedding dress.

Most women get married in a beautiful white dress, but even if you choose a different color, a denim jacket is always a good idea! Denim never goes out of fashion. This has been combined with the coolest outfits for years, so why not with a wedding dress? Especially when it is a bit chilly outside on your special day or when you are on your way to your sleeping accommodation for your wedding night, you naturally want to stay in style.

iron-on application wedding

With the applications that we sell in the webshop, you can quickly turn your old (or new, of course) denim jacket into a cool jacket for your wedding. The text β€œ Bride ” on your back is of course immediately easy to read and very appropriate for this day. The webshop contains various designs of iron-on applications with this text. From beautiful decorative letters to an application with a heart and diamond. If you prefer a different text, we also have the iron-on application with β€œ Mrs. Est 2021 ” are online. Of course, this can be adjusted to the year of your wedding. We also have the text β€œ I said yes ”. This is super fun if you put on a jacket in the evening and say goodbye to your guests. This jacket is also easy to wear when you go on your honeymoon, everyone will immediately see that you have just gotten married!

Together with your partner

Men often wear a nice suit with a jacket above it. Not every man is charmed by this or it simply doesn't suit you. Do you want something different than usual? Also make a denim jacket for the husband-to-be with an iron-on application on his back. A denim jacket can also look really cool over trousers. Especially if you both use the same font or text. You can also choose β€œBride” and β€œGroom”. You can easily create the Groom variant yourself in the design module . How nice is it when you go on your honeymoon together and you both wear a denim jacket with β€œ Just married ”. You will certainly receive many comments and congratulations. A proud bridal couple!

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