Stickers for your business

We have a wide range of stickers that you can use within your company. We have listed them for you with a few extra tips!

Create an appropriate design

Create a design that fits your brand: The design of the stickers should match the image of your company. Make sure you use the correct colors, fonts and images. Choose the right dimensions: Make sure that the dimensions of the stickers fit the application. For example, stickers on packaging must be different in size than stickers on a car.

Logo stickers

Of course we start with the logo stickers. As a company you already have a nice logo to make your services visible. You can use this logo on your (work) materials, suitcases or in your store. The logo stickers are made of vinyl and are suitable for glass, walls, doors, wood and mirrors. The stickers have a transparent background and a high adhesive power. They can also be used outdoors and have a lifespan of 3 years. The stickers are resistant to UV light, seawater, oil and are 100% waterproof!

These vinyl logo stickers can therefore also be used very well on, for example, the cargo bike or a billboard.

Car stickers

Upload your own logo in our webshop and we will turn it into a car logo. Isn't this actually indispensable for every company? In this way your car is a moving billboard. Imagine how many people see your logo! The sticker is approximately 40cm in size and can be stuck on the window or other part of the car with the transparent background. This sticker is also waterproof and has a lifespan of 3 years.

Name stickers

A name sticker can be used in a creative way in every company. Our name stickers are made of high quality and we have a large number of fonts to choose from. Personalize your laptop with your own name or stick the names of all colleagues on the door of their office.

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