Strijkapplicaties en stickers voor de feestdagen

Iron-on applications and stickers for the holidays

Yep, it's that time of year again. It gets dark earlier, the temperature drops and the hats, scarves and mittens come out of the cupboards again. It won't be long before we are in the winter months, also known as the festive months. First Sinterklaas and then Christmas. Two popular holidays in the Netherlands and probably one of their favorite holidays for many. Pleasant holidays to spend with friends and family. The Piet suits, Christmas lights in the tree and the ugly Christmas sweaters cannot be missed during the holidays.

Enjoy the holidays with personalized items

This year again, various designs for the holidays can be found in the webshop. With the unique design you can make the coming holidays extra special for the people around you. You do this using the personalized designs that can be found in the webshop. You will enjoy these iron-on applications for many holidays to come!

For the Sinterklaas party, for example, you can consider window stickers with a Sinterklaas theme. Your house is immediately ready for the visit of Santa and his helpers during Christmas Eve. Or a jute bag with a personalized design with your own name on it. Ideal to use during the arrival. With such a cool and unique bag, your child is guaranteed to get the most candy from the Piets.

In addition to various designs for the Sinterklaas party, we also have a range of designs for the Christmas holidays. This way you can decorate the Christmas tree super fun this year with personalized stickers. You can stick these stickers with your name on the Christmas bauble. Each family member has their own Christmas ball with their name on it. Awesome!

During Christmas, the wrong Christmas sweaters can hardly be missed. In the webshop you will find various designs that will win the bad Christmas sweater competition this year! This way you have a super funny reindeer with sunglasses or a reindeer with sleepy eyes design. There is also a nice design that you can personalize with your own name.

A personal favorite is the 'Christmas with the…' design. where you can enter your surname. Such a fun design for the entire family. And the perfect outfit for a family portrait during Christmas.

In addition to the designs mentioned, there is much more to be found for the holidays. Can be found under 'moments' and then look under the heading 'Sinterklaas' and/or 'Christmas'. The iron-on applications will be delivered within 3 to 5 days after ordering. In time for the holidays!

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