strijkapplicaties voor een vrijgezellenfeest

iron-on applications for a bachelor party

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Hurrah! You're getting married. Congratulations!! Before this super special day, a bachelor party is of course not to be missed. Have a big party together with your best friends. How can you make such a cool party even more unforgettable? By sending your friends home with a personalized garment. Something that you will enjoy for many years to come.

Bride and Groom

Using the iron-on applications from the webshop, you can transform a simple shirt into the perfect party outfit in no time. A group shirt with the text ' Bride squad ', for example, or for the bride herself ' Bride to be '. When choosing your desired iron-on application, you can adjust the color and size to taste. In addition to the texts mentioned, you can also have your own self-made texts printed as an iron-on application, for example if you want a matching 'Groom to be' or 'Groom squad'. You can order personalized ironing applications via the design module . The color and size can also be adjusted to taste.

In addition to Bride of Groom, you can also opt for an iron-on application with a date . With the date of the wedding day or the day of the bachelor party. The possibilities are endless!

You apply the iron-on applications to textiles using an iron. In addition to shirts, they can also be applied to, for example, sweaters or even denim jackets . That makes a super fun group photo. The entire group is wearing a denim jacket with the text ' Team bride' on it. So funny!

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