Kan ik mijn bedrijfskleding aftrekken bij de Belastingdienst?

Can I deduct my work clothing from the tax authorities?

As an entrepreneur, it is of course nice if you or your employees can wear company clothing. It not only ensures recognisability, but also radiates professionalism. However, there are quite a few conditions that work clothing must meet before you can write it off to the tax authorities. In this blog post I will tell you all about it.


The rules for depreciating company clothing

The rule of thumb for deducting work clothing is that if you can label it as work clothing, you can include it in the deduction for the tax authorities. However, with a number of items of clothing it is sometimes difficult to tell whether they are really just work clothes. Clothing that really has external characteristics of work clothing such as a uniform or overalls is of course easy to recognize, but what about a T-shirt with your logo, for example?


Conditions for writing off work clothing

The Tax Authorities have therefore drawn up a number of conditions that work clothing must meet. For example, clothing that you can also wear privately is not considered work clothing. It is therefore not possible to write off a nice jacket or dress as work clothing.


A very important condition that the Tax Authorities maintain is that the garment must have a logo of at least 70cm2. Many entrepreneurs are shocked by this, but it is useful to know that it is the total dimensions of the logo or logos. So you can think of a logo of 2 by 35 centimeters or a logo of 2 by 25 cm and a small logo on the chest. If the total area of ​​the logos together is only 70m2. A T-shirt or sweater with your company logo therefore quickly qualifies for this deduction.


Another condition that the Tax Authorities also impose is that you are not allowed to take this work clothing home with you. However, you should of course ask yourself how often you will be wearing your company logo in your spare time.


Listing the rules

What is allowed:

  • The clothing is only suitable for wearing during work
  • The clothing has a logo of at least 70 cm2. This may also be multiple logos
  • The clothing is left behind at the workplace


So what is not allowed:

  • Clothing that is not demonstrably work clothing, such as a dress or jeans
  • Clothing with a logo under 70 cm2
  • clothing that can also be worn in your spare time.

If your work clothing meets one of these requirements, you can deduct it from the tax authorities.


Print your own company clothing

A T-shirt, sweater or vest with a logo is therefore tax deductible. However, it can still be a significant expense. It can therefore be very interesting to print your work clothing yourself. In our webshop you have the option to order your logo as an iron-on logo. We can make these for you in a color of your choice, after which you can easily print it on a desired item of clothing.


Printing your own work clothing does not have to be expensive or difficult. All you need is a t-shirt and an iron. The iron-on logos remain beautiful even after regular washing, meaning the workwear can be worn for a long time.


Click here for more information about having an iron-on logo made of your logo.

How do I calculate the correct dimensions for my work clothes myself?

Most people find it difficult to calculate the dimensions their logo should meet. The dimensions are used from the outer corners of your logo. Then take the width of the logo into account and multiply it by the height to calculate the surface area of ​​your logo.

Calculation example:

if the logo is 30 centimeters wide and 10 centimeters high, the total surface area of ​​the logo is 300 cm2 and therefore large enough.

If you go for a logo on the chest and the logo is 15 centimeters wide and 5 centimeters high, you end up with an area of ​​75 cm2 and then your logo is also large enough.

Do you want to be sure whether your logo is in the correct format? Please send me an email and I will be happy to think along with you.


Ironing logo 70cm2

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