Maak de leukste Vaderdag cadeautjes diy

Make the nicest DIY Father's Day gifts

Now that Mother's Day is behind us and we're sure it was a complete success with our gift tips, Father's Day is already around the corner. The third Sunday in June is the day we are extra kind to our fathers. Whether you are going to work for your dad's first Father's Day, or your father has now been promoted to grandfather... we have listed the best tips for everyone to give a personal gift with our products.

father's day iron-on applications

Twinning is winning!

Even if you are a father, you want to show everyone that you are proud of your little mini me. Whether you have a daughter or a son, dad and child can also wear matching outfits with our iron-on applications. In the webshop you will find some applications that are perfect for twinning. If you have a nice idea for a cool text, you can easily create it in the design module . Buy a blank t-shirt in the color of your choice for father and child. The iron-on applications can be ordered in almost any color, so you can match them nicely to the shirts.

Even without texts you can make beautiful matching outfits. New in the webshop are our full color iron-on applications . These are beautiful pictures of, for example, a lion or a cool retro bus. What is also a very cool idea for a matching t-shirt for father and child are the contour iron-on applications. The contours can be made from a photo that you upload in the webshop. A photo of father and child together, or both on each other's shirt. You can make anything out of it, use your imagination!

Secret message for daddy

Does your father work in an office and always wear a suit and tie? Then this is a very sweet and special gift for Father's Day! Buy a nice new tie for dad and create your own text in the smallest size in our design module . Iron this text on the inside of the tie, so that dad can occasionally look at his little one's sweet words at work. Does dad also have a super boring laptop bag? You can also provide this with a sweet text on the inside or perhaps even more fun, pimp the entire bag with different iron-on applications and add something nice with textile markers!

sticker bucket father's day

A drink for (o)dad!

Is your father or grandfather a real handyman who is not averse to a nice drink with a snack and a drink? We have a very suitable vinyl sticker for you in the webshop. This sticker is made for a black construction bucket and contains the text: “ If grandpa can't fix it, no one can! ” Along with tool stickers. If you make the bucket for dad, you leave out the letter O. Once you have stuck the sticker on the bucket, fill the bucket with all kinds of goodies that (grand)dad likes. Think of his favorite drink, a nice piece of sausage and a slice of good cheese. Add a nice drawing or craft and you have a super happy (O)PA!

If you like to pimp up something else, such as a fishing case or tool box, then choose your own design. You can request your own design for decoration stickers via the design module. Easily upload the image you want stickers from and we will get to work for you! For example, think of fish for a fishing box or nails and screws for the tool box.

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