Vergroot je vindbaarheid met strijklogo’s of stickers

Increase your findability with iron-on logos or stickers

Have you ever thought about stickers or iron-on logos for your company? As an entrepreneur, you probably do everything you can to increase the visibility of your company. Most entrepreneurs do this by ensuring that they are easy to find within Google and spend a lot of money on advertisements. Or they post a lot of content on social media and hope to reach the right target group. Very sensible of course, but the competition - as you probably already know - is enormous. Since the advent of the internet and online marketing, many entrepreneurs forget to also work on their offline visibility. Because ironing logos on company clothing or stickers on a company bus is super old-fashioned, right? Nothing could be further from the truth! In this blog I will tell you why.

Combination of offline and online findability

When you are marketing your company, the most important thing is that your brand name reaches as many people as possible. You may already be aware of your target group and how to reach them online. But have you ever considered that your target group is also in other places? Think of shopping streets, discos, sports clubs or other places. When you focus on your online findability, you may miss an important offline target group.

The trust of your potential customer is extremely important for every company, perhaps the most important. Nowadays, there are many cases of internet scams and people have become more cautious about online purchases. When someone sees your website and has also seen your logo somewhere else, they will trust your company more quickly. Offline and online marketing therefore go hand in hand.

Iron-on logos or stickers for your company ensure offline findability

But how do iron-on logos or iron-on stickers add to the findability of your company? Suppose your target group is mainly young people. A large part of that target group can be found in the nightlife. In bars, discos and other entertainment venues. Sticking stickers with your logo on beer coasters is a great option to show your company name. It will cost you significantly less than an online advertisement and you will have much less competition! Another example is when you have a painting company and you stick your logo on your company bus. When you are painting a house somewhere, local residents see you painting their neighbors. There is a good chance that they will also call you for their painting job.

The biggest advantages of offline marketing using iron-on logos or iron-on stickers is that you can show your brand in a much more targeted manner, and that it is a lot cheaper than online advertisements. When you place an online advertisement, the algorithm still questions whether it will actually be shown and to whom it will be shown.

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Written by Lana Gerritsen | Lane Writes

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