Waarom is een logo belangrijk voor mijn bedrijf?

Why is a logo important for my company?

Have you just started a company, or has your company been around for a while but you don't have a logo yet? Then it's time to put your creative brain to work and design a logo - or have someone design it for you, of course. Some entrepreneurs think that a logo is just for decoration and has no added value. The opposite is true! A logo has many benefits for the visibility of your company. Yet a company logo is often neglected by business owners. They don't have time for it, or simply don't see the point in it. So it's time for you to distinguish yourself and give your company the attention it deserves. In this blog we tell you why a logo is important for your company.

A logo ensures recognisability

Let's start right away with the most important one, recognizability. You sell a product or service and you are probably not the only one in your niche. It is therefore super important that you stand out among your competitors. You may have features that distinguish you from your competitors, but if you only show them through the texts on your website or in your advertisements, there is a chance that not every consumer will read it. A striking - and above all recognizable - company logo is therefore very valuable. So you can see it as an extension of the texts on your website. When you have a striking logo, people will remember the logo and therefore your company name more quickly. Which in turn ensures that they remember your company better when they look for a service or product that you offer.

You attract the attention of your target group

If you sell striking, brightly colored fashion items, a striking logo with lots of color can attract the attention of your target group. Because if you have a great logo, then the range you sell will be just as great, right? The same goes for if you have a yoga school. When you choose a calm logo with earth tones, for example, you attract the attention of people who are looking for peace and relaxation. So you actually arouse an emotion in people and thus attract them to your website or company.

The first impression counts

I probably don't have to tell you that it is difficult to gain the trust of consumers via the internet. Internet sales have been associated with internet scams for years and consumers are becoming increasingly cautious. So you can make a lot of good with a good first impression. If you have a logo that has received a lot of attention, you are more likely to have consumers trust you than if you have paid little attention to your logo and corporate identity.

A logo is part of your brand identity

Your company has - just like you have - its own identity. What do you want to convey with your company and what brand experience does that entail? It is important that your company has its own brand identity and corporate identity, which of course also includes a matching logo. This way, everything within your company is one whole and you automatically attract the attention of your target group!

Design your own logo

You can of course design a logo yourself, but you can also have this done by a designer or graphic designer. They understand what a logo should look like and what suits your company. Once you are completely happy with your logo, you should of course show it off in as many places as possible. On the Ironing Logos Enzo website you will find all kinds of original ways to show your logo to the outside world. Choose to design an iron-on logo for textiles or your car - we bet everyone will recognize you soon!

Written by Lana Gerritsen | Lane Writes

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