This way you show your company logo more in 2023

A company logo is much more than just a graphic design. It is the face of your company and it should reflect your company's values ​​and identity. A well-designed logo can help build brand awareness and customer loyalty. It can also convey key messages about your business and help differentiate your business from its competitors. For these reasons, it is important to ensure that your company logo is clearly visible. It should be prominently featured on your website, business cards and other marketing materials. If your logo is well-designed and visible, it will help create a strong impression of your company and boost your bottom line. In this blog we will tell you how you can make your logo more visible in 2023.

Why is it important to show your company logo?

Your company logo is one of the most important elements of your brand identity. It's often the first thing people notice about your business and it should be designed to reflect your company's values ​​and mission. A well-designed logo can help build trust and credibility with potential customers, and it can make your business more memorable and recognizable. When determining the placement of your company logo, it is important to take visibility into account. The logo should be placed where it will be seen by as many people as possible, such as on your website, business cards and product packaging. By making your company logo visible, you can ensure that more people are aware of your brand and what you have to offer.

How can you make your company logo more prominent?

If you have a company logo that matches your brand identity, it is of course important to display it in as many places as possible. We give a few examples of places where you can display your logo:

  1. One way to make your company logo more visible is to use it as your profile photo on social media. This ensures that your logo is seen every time someone visits your profile.
  2. Another way to make your company logo visible is to include it in your email signature. This way, every time you send an email, your company logo will appear.
  3. You can also create a landing page on your website dedicated to your company logo. This page can contain information about your company and its mission, and provide visitors with a place to download your company logo.
  4. Make a sticker of your logo and stick it in as many places as possible. This way you can stick a sticker with a company logo on your bicycle, car, front door or bag.
  5. You can also make an iron-on logo from your company logo and attach it to a jacket or other item of clothing. Super fun to wear yourself and to give away.

Design your iron-on logo or sticker in the design module of Iron-on Logos Enzo

At Iron-On Logos Enzo you can design your company logo as an iron-on logo or sticker in the design module . You can order these individually, so it can be used for any company - large or small. In the design module you can design your company logo yourself. For example, choose to upload a photo of your company logo. You can easily attach this sticker to a T-shirt yourself. In addition to the iron-on logos, you will also find stickers at Ironing Logos Enzo, with which you can make your company logo even more visible. You can choose from many different fonts and colors, so you can design the sticker entirely according to your own wishes. Closing stickers are also ideal to use to seal an envelope. This way the recipient comes into direct contact with your logo. We wish you a successful 2023!

Written by Lana Gerritsen | Lane Writes

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