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Make your own summer items with Ironing Logos Enzo

Yes! Spring has really started and we are all looking forward to the summer months. Lovely warm days with airy clothing. Of course, summer clothes don't have to be boring at all and simple garments can easily be spruced up with our iron-on applications. In this blog you can read some nice ideas to make your boring clothes and other summer items completely summer-proof!

Pimp your boring shirts

The webshop contains a lot of summery pictures and texts to spruce up your boring t-shirt or shirts. A beautiful rainbow with beautiful warm colors or the text “sunkissed ” fit perfectly with a summer outfit. Of course, the good vibes should not be missed during those lovely warm days on the terrace or the beach!

sunkissed iron-on application

Beach breaks and milkshakes

You can easily order a catchy summer text on a shirt or create it yourself in our design module. If you have come up with a nice text yourself, you can create it easily and quickly in our webshop. Choose the desired size and color for your iron-on application. Also nice: order one for yourself and one for your partner or child. When you're on holiday, everyone immediately sees that you belong together!

The most chosen summer texts from last year are: “Beach breaks + milkshakes” & “ALOHA”

Good protection against the sun

When you sit in the sun all day, it is important that you protect yourself well against the heat. A cap or sun hat is a good idea if you can't sit under a parasol or seek shade. Of course, a cool cap or beautiful hat also completes your outfit. And these can also be used for our iron-on applications! Print a picture or text on the hat or cap and you have a unique and personal headgear!

On to the beach!

Yes, time for a day at the beach. You take everything with you in your large beach bag, but... after your pimped clothes and cap or sun hat, your beach bag pales into insignificance. Your (fabric) beach bag can also be printed with our iron-on applications. If you have a plastic bag, you could opt for our vinyl stickers. These can also be designed yourself in the design module and are available in almost all colors and various sizes. While you're busy with the stickers, why not pimp up some nice water bottles with your name or a nice picture! Also cover your (bread) boxes and the contents of your beach bag are also completely summer-proof. Tip: choose a palm tree, pineapple or other object that reminds you of summer.

And last but not least... pimp your beach towel!

A beach towel usually has a cheerful and playful design, but they also last for years, so after a while you may get a bit tired of your sheet. Have you already thought about using an iron-on application? This can be done with, for example, your name , a nice text such as: “Here * your name bakes*” or use the application that you also used for your other summer items. This way all your summer items fit together!

Enjoy the summer!!

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