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You can order pregnancy announcement text from Ironing Logos etc.

It has become increasingly popular to announce pregnancy in a fun way, and wearing a special T-shirt can be a great way to break the news to friends and family. With our iron-on applications you can quickly turn a basic shirt into a shirt with a pregnancy announcement.

Big sister announcement

A fun idea to show that you are going to be a big sister is to wear a T-shirt with the text "I'm going to be a big sister!" or a similar text. Remember, it's important to show that you're excited about becoming a big sister and that you welcome the arrival of the new baby. Wear the T-shirt with pride and share your joy with family and friends.

Big brother announcement

When you become a big brother, it's fun to announce this in a special way to family and friends. Give the future big brother a T-shirt with the text "big brother" on it. Let him wear the T-shirt at a family gathering or take a nice photo and share it with family and friends. Remember, it's important to include big brother in the announcement and make him feel like he plays an important role in the family. Discuss with him how he feels about having a brother or sister and involve him in the preparations. This way he can get used to the idea and look forward to the baby's arrival.

Your text for the pregnancy announcement will be sent within 3 -5 working days.

Iron-on applications Pregnancy announcement