How it all started..

It all started in 2017 with looking for a nice birthday shirt for my nephew. A shirt with name and age had a hefty price tag. I was curious how I could make this myself cheaper and started researching.

So I bought the suitable machines and started selling via Instagram.

This was a success, many fellow creative mothers wanted to know how they could make it themselves and so I decided to sell the texts as iron-on applications. After the business market also showed interest, Ironing Logos Enzo was created.

  • Our team

    I can no longer handle it alone and the Ironing Logos Enzo team has expanded. The ironing logos and stickers are made by hardworking and enthusiastic ladies from various locations in the Netherlands. Everything is tailor-made for you, making a lot possible. We use different techniques to meet everyone's wishes. We now have several points of sale where our ironing applications are sold. Many companies and organizations also use our iron-on logos and stickers. Lana tells you everything you need to know about our products in the blogs.

    The photos on the site were taken by:


    LaLou Photography

    ⋒ Ingrid 🌿

    Linda (@wonenaanhetspoor)

    Maxime Deceuninck-Ramsey (@maximejoanna)

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  • Unique

    In our design module you can design your own text for textiles, but also for sticking to walls, doors, furniture and decorations.

  • Customization

    Everything is handmade, so a lot is possible. If you have a specific product, please provide us with the dimensions and we will make it to size.

  • EU

    We ship within the EU, such as to Belgium, Germany, France, Austria, etc. Please take into account a longer delivery time.

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