Ironing instructions

How do I apply an iron-on logo?

Grab an iron already!

1. Make sure the textile has been washed, this will ensure the foil adheres best.

2. Make sure the iron is heated to 165 degrees, turn off the steam function!

3. Place the heat-resistant foil on the textile with the sticky part facing down.

4. Place the baking paper on top of the heat-resistant foil. (Baking paper is under the application)

5. Press with pressure! (do not move back and forth) for 10 seconds, using your own body weight.

6. Let it cool down for a while.

7. Carefully peel off the heat-resistant foil.

8. Then place the baking paper on the pattern and press again for 10 seconds.

9. Repeat the steps if the pattern does not adhere properly.

Tips for applying an iron-on logo

1. Wait 24 hours before washing after applying the iron-on application.
2. Wash the textile inside out at 30 degrees.
3. Wash the textiles without fabric softener.
4. Iron the print inside out or smooth the print by placing a sheet of baking paper on it and ironing over it.
5. For polyester, use the lowest temperature and longest time to prevent the colors from bleeding through.