Treat Ideas

A fun way to make the party extra special is with personalized birthday stickers . With the birthday boy's age and name on it! How fun and special? Below are some fun ideas for treats. Would you like to get more ideas? Then follow us on Instagram .

ice cream cone treat with name

Treat idea sleepy eyes

treat animals with name

birthday stickers with name

name treat sticker

Treat sticker name with dino

The treat stickers are easy to order via the website. Under treat stickers you will find all the relevant stickers for your upcoming birthdays and parties. The age and name can be entered when ordering. It couldn't be more personal! When choosing the desired sticker, you can also choose a specific theme. Is your daughter/son crazy about Spiderman? Order a treat stickers with spider theme. Or is your child crazy about unicorns? Order a unicorn sticker! There are various symbols and figures such as dinosaurs or mermaid stickers.

In addition to birthday stickers with names, there are also stickers for other occasions, such as a birth. These birth stickers contain texts such as 'Hurray Noah is born or 'Hurrah a girl'. These stickers can also be personalized with your own name. Also great for a gender reveal party or for a baby shower!

The stickers can be used in different ways. For example, during a treat as a closure of a bag or on a cup full of sweets. The possibilities are endless!! The stickers can also be used as gift packaging. So that the presents match the theme of the party. The stickers can of course also be used on other occasions.