Frequently Asked Questions


What is the delivery time ?

Our products are custom-made. Orders are shipped within 2 to 3 working days within the Netherlands. However, this can increase with large numbers or requests that require customization. We aim to inform you as soon as possible if the delivery time is longer. Orders outside the Netherlands have a longer delivery time.

Do you ship abroad?

Yes, we ship within and outside Europe. Please take into account a longer delivery time.

Can my order be shipped urgently?

That depends on how busy it is in the webshop. Therefore, always ask first by email or WhatsApp whether it is possible. If possible, we would like to ship your order as soon as possible.

I have not received my order yet

Our products are sent by letterbox post. You will usually receive your order the next working day, as soon as you have received shipping confirmation from us. For Belgium this takes 3 to 4 days longer.

However, it may happen that PostNL is busy and the mail takes longer to arrive.

With My Post in the PostNL app, you know early in the morning which mail is in your mailbox that day.

Mail still not received? Please contact us via email


I have an idea, can you make it?

9 times out of 10 we can make the design for you. Please tell us as many details as possible so we can create the right design for you. You can request an iron-on application or sticker here .

NB! We do not copy any brand, Disney or logos that are not your property.

Is my logo suitable as an iron-on logo?

We can make all logos as iron-on logos, either single color or full color with background or without background. We do this with different techniques.

If you want to see a digital example, you can choose this in the options.

How high will my ironing logo be?

Each design has a different font and height, which is why we assume the width of the design. We see the height when making the iron-on application. If you want to know how high it will be, you can contact us here and we will calculate it.

Can you also make other sizes?

We can make iron-on logos and stickers from 4cm wide, if the lines are not too thin and there is not too much text. The maximum width for iron-on applications is 30cm, if you want the text longer it can be made in parts for you.

You can email us the specific sizes and we will tailor the iron-on application and/or sticker for you, so that it fits your product perfectly.

What sizes do I need?

What size iron-on application do I need for children's clothing?

For children's clothing you can use the following sizes:

8cm wide is suitable for the right chest of a shirt.

- 12cm wide suitable for size 56 to 86.

- 16cm wide suitable for size 92 to 116

-20cm wide suitable for size 122 and larger.

What size for a romper?

For a romper you can choose the size 8cm or 12 cm. 8cm will be slightly smaller and 12cm will be large.

What size iron-on application for denim jacket?

Usually size 16cm or 20cm is used for the back of a denim jacket. Take into account any sewing lines, then measure the size in between.

What size for a backpack?

All bags have a different size, so measure the width where you want to iron the iron-on application. Do not take the text large, 12 or 16cm wide will be suitable.

What size for the door?

Are you going to put a sticker on an interior door? Then take the size 30cm wide.

Would you prefer a sticker for the outside door? Then measure the area where you will stick the sticker.

Payment method

With which payment method can I pay?

You can pay safely at Ironing Logos Enzo with the payment method below:


- Bancontact

- Apple Pay

- Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express

- Klarna

Can I pay afterwards?

Yes, at Ironing Logos Enzo you can use the payment option with Klarna.