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TapLink Tag Keychain: Your Digital Link, Always at Hand

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TapLink Tag Keychain

Meet our TapLink Tag Keychain, the indispensable accessory for your company. With a built-in chip, the TapLink Tag Keychain allows you to seamlessly connect to any smartphone (iPhone 7 & higher) within a short distance.

Especially for entrepreneurs:

Enrich your marketing strategy and promote your business effortlessly with this indispensable accessory.
Promotion Boost : Give your promotion a boost with the smart TAG keychain.
Budget Proof : Our TAG keychain is not only innovative, but also friendly to your wallet. An affordable solution for effective connectivity.

Effortlessly share your social media profile and direct customers directly to your desired link, such as:
Online store

Whether you are an entrepreneur, influencer, webshop owner or marketing professional, this Tag keychain is your key to direct and effective interaction.


DESIRED URL/LINK MUST BE PROVIDED! OTHERWISE THE KEYCHAIN ​​CANNOT BE MADE. (You can copy and paste your desired link in the comments).